Welcome to dEzine, Serving Our Global Community of Interior Design Students

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Rhodec Party!

Welcome to dEzine, Serving Our Global Community of Interior Design Students

Michael Dwyer, Principal of Rhodec International, welcomes you to the first in an occasional series of electronic publications designed to keep you in touch and up to date with developments at Rhodec

I'm delighted to announce the launch of Issue 1 of dEzine. There's a lot going on at the moment, so this newsletter has come together at just the right time.

I'd first like to thank everybody who has contributed to dEzine and, at this juncture, I particularly wish to congratulate the dedicated group of Rhodec students who have just put together RISEN, the Rhodec IIDA Student Exchange Network. Working closely with Rhodec and the International Interior Design Association they've produced a superb web-based resource for Rhodec students to complement the established and highly successful RASC (Rhodec ASID Student Chapter), also set up by a great bunch of Rhodec students to whom I'd like to express my appreciation, albeit in retrospect. Follow the links to the right, and please do support them with frequent visits and contributions. As with this newsletter, these resources won't work without student participation.

Another exciting development is that our prestigious education partners London Metropolitan University have recently agreed that graduates of Rhodec-affiliated colleges may proceed directly to the one-year top-up Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design entirely by distance learning, as our distance learning students have always been able to do since the inception of our partnership with London Met. Please see the link to the left for an affiliated college profile, and for details of the cash reward we're offering for information that leads to our establishment of new affiliations.

We've also just produced a small range of exclusive, top quality merchandise, at special introductory prices until the end of this year - again, see the links to the right.

You'll no doubt have seen the Rhodec Party link to the left. We'll be in San Francisco in early February; will you...?

I mustn't allow this first issue to pass without taking the opportunity to express my gratitude to my staff for their continued hard work and dedication: Caroline Green and Michelle Murphy in the UK office, and Maureen Randall and Melissa La Bianca in the US office. Special thanks go to Susi Santorelli who set up the US office several years ago at my behest and has turned it into a vibrant and successful operation in its own right. A big "thank you" to all of you!

Similarly, I must thank the many Rhodec tutors who continue to form the backbone of our service worldwide. As with the office staff, without them there would be no Rhodec. Please see our first tutor profile on the left.

Finally, remember that this is your newsletter, so please send your contributions and suggestions. You can attach photographs, etc., or provide a URL from which we can download files. Please use the email links to contact us.

Enjoy your newsletter!

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