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Student Projects

Corrisha Lake, a Rhodec Diploma student from Canada, describes two related projects she's recently carried out for clients. The first project was private and the second commercial

A Brighter Side of Design

This bathroom was dark and dingy and very outdated. It was the original bathroom of a home built in 1979 and it hadn't been changed since then. The house is located in a little ski resort town in Ontario and the clients wanted the bathroom to reflect that rustic feeling.

Their only requests were to have a room that was light, airy and spacious with a rustic design and a contemporary flair. With these wishes in mind, I created a bespoke design.

The cabinets were constructed of maple wood with a java stain, while the doors were constructed in a shaker style with a wide rail to give a casual feeling while keeping them clean and contemporary.

The clients' wish was for a natural stone counter top, but because it was out of the budget I came up with a tile design for the counter using natural tumbled marble tiles, thus allowing the clients to have a natural stone for a fraction of the cost. I selected a tile of a lighter tone to keep the soft, airy feeling in the space.

The upper cabinets were designed to be tall and narrow and come all the way down to the counter. This aided in giving a visual effect of a taller and more spacious bathroom.

The mirror was designed to go all the way to the counter and across to the upper cabinets. This created more reflection in the room that was lacking windows and it gave the space the visual illusion of being larger than it was.

Other materials used in this room included porcelain floor tiles of a lighter grey tone and wall paint in a light neutral.

Upon completion of this bathroom, I was happy to learn that not only had I met the needs of the clients, but also exceeded their expectations. Nothing is more rewarding than a successful design.

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A Modern Edge

This vanity cabinet was designed as a display fixture in a retail store that sells furniture and bathroom products.

The sky was the limit this time. The only wish of the store operator was that it be kept within budget and that the it was in tune with the product that was retailing in his shop. The store sells modern furniture and accessories and customers entering the store generally have the same modern taste. I wanted this vanity to be unique and act as a focal point in the space.

I created high contrast within the cabinet by choosing a rich, dark black walnut for the cabinet material and bright white mosaic tiles for the counter surface. Flat slab doors were selected for the cabinet to give a clean, minimal effect and to allow the beauty of the grain to come to the fore. Large stainless steel drawer pulls were selected to add whimsy to the whole design.

The sink was designed to integrate with the counter, giving it a minimalist look and allowing the actual form of the sink to be the visual focus.

The design of the vanity has proven to be a success. It works well in the space and draws a lot of interest form the customers.

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