Rhodec's Affiliated Interior Design Colleges

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A number of colleges around the world are affiliated with Rhodec International and teach our courses on an attendance basis. Some offer either the Associate Diploma Course or Diploma Course, and some offer both

Graduates of the Rhodec Diploma Course taught on an attendance basis at our affiliated colleges are eligible to apply to study the top-up Bachelor's Degree Course 100% by distance learning, allowing them to earn a degree without ever leaving their home environs.

There follow profiles of two of our longest-standing Asian affiliations:

The Open University of Hong Kong

Founded in 1989 as the Open Learning Institute (OLI), the change of title in May 1997 to the Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK) reflected the recognition of the University's academic standing, achievements and contributions over the previous years.

As OLI and then OUHK, the institute has offered Rhodec's Associate Diploma Course almost since its inception, and has more recently added the full Diploma Course to its academic armoury.

The Rhodec courses are taught face-to-face at the Li Ka Shing Institute of Professional and Continuing Education (LiPACE), situated in Kowloon. The courses are delivered in English, using our regular course materials, but supplemental materials in Cantonese are provided.

This affiliation has flourished for well over a decade, and we confidently expect it to continue to evolve and grow for many more years to come, with further educational opportunities to be explored in close association with our partners in Asia.

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Metropolitan YMCA, Singapore

Founded in 1946, the Metropolitan YMCA provides a one-stop Learning Centre for children and adults, offering a wide variety of professional courses and enrichment programmes.

With capable and highly qualified trainers, the Metropolitan YMCA aims to help their students discover their own talents, to make the best of these talents, to achieve their full potential and to develop a passion for learning that lasts through life.

As an affiliated college, the Metropolitan YMCA Singapore has been facilitating the Rhodec Diploma course for more than 20 years now. Hundreds of participants have obtained their Diplomas through the Metropolitan YMCA.

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We're always looking to add to our roster of high-quality affiliated colleges, so if you're associated with a school please email us with details, including a web address and contact details.


If you know of any likely candidates please email us with details, including a web address and contact details. All leads we receive that result in an affiliation agreement being signed will be rewarded to the tune of UK£250. (If more than one person suggests the same college the reward will be shared equally.)