CAD Training Online - Revit Architecture for Interior Design 3D Software

We've partnered with US-based online specialists CAD Training Online (CTO) for several years, and we continue to offer you the opportunity to study their tailored, tutor-led Revit Architecture for Interior Designers course entirely from your own computer, just as you are able to study our own 100% online courses - but now with major new benefits for students.

This is now an OPTION that can be taken INSTEAD OF our Drafting Unit, and successful completion will earn a full course credit for the Drafting Unit RD3.

We've been able to secure an extremely advantageous price for our students: just US$995 against the usual price of US$1395. This represents nearly 30% off the full, stand-alone course price.

For this price, aside from potentially saving on the entire cost of our Drafting Unit (up to £480, approx. US$600), you'll receive all the necessary software, 32 hours of real-time tutor-led training via the web, and 15 detailed instructional videos.

Now there's no need for drafting equipment at all for the entire duration of the Diploma Course if you opt for the CAD option - but the Drafting Unit is still available as it has always been, and you can still choose to study it instead of - or, indeed, as well as - Revit Architecture for Interior Design.

What's more, if you choose the CAD-only option, we will still send you, completely free of charge, our Unit RD3 Drafting manual pdf to enable you to familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of drafting, including perspective construction.

You'll receive an Autodesk Certificate when you've successfully completed the Revit course. Click here, or on the picture above, for a larger image of the certificate.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although we are working closely with CTO to deliver this option, please be aware that all Revit Architecture for Interior Design training, course administration, fee collection, etc. is carried out solely by CTO.

When you register on our Diploma Course choosing the CAD option, we will pass your details on to CTO and they will contact you direct regarding registration and payment for the Revit course element. On successful completion of the Revit course they will then contact us and we will enter the RD3 Drafting Unit course credit into your Diploma academic record.

As with the Drafting Unit, Revit Architecture for Interior Design must be completed before proceeding to Year Two, which comprises the Unit RD4 Design onwards.

NO PREVIOUS CAD EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED CTO's online CAD training is not WebEx or LiveMeeting training where you just watch the instructor. Instead, each student is assigned their own computer to be controlled in real time through the Internet.

Live Online Training is a convenient and cost-effective training format that allows you enjoy the same instructor-led, hands-on training that CAD Training Online offer in their classrooms, from the comfort of your home or office.

Utilizing high speed virtual classroom computers, their Autodesk Certified Professionals combine the best of both worlds to deliver CTO's award-winning training programs to any computer worldwide with high-speed internet access.

You'll have access to the Computer-Aided Design software and their instructors, right from the comfort of your office or your home with no travel required.

Are you already a Diploma student? Email us and we'll advise on your options on an individual basis.

If you already hold a CAD qualification that you feel to be at least equivalent to Revit Architecture for Interior Design you can APPLY FOR A DRAFTING CREDIT HERE.