Professional Diploma in Interior Design

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Monthly start dates for each Unit - start studying on the 1st of the month after payment is processed.

This is the right option for you if wish to be trained to a professional standard - you can graduate in three years or less.

This professional interior design course trains you to know, understand and put into practice the essentials of professional interior design.

The personal nature of the training is particularly helpful, and your studies with our fully illustrated instruction study materials will be highly enjoyable.

Studying Online

Ten individual Units comprise the Diploma Course, and you register for just one Unit at a time, thereby spreading the cost and allowing you to take breaks in your studies. See the detailed list of subjects.

The Diploma Course materials are presented as separate pdf files for each lesson and test, which are downloaded and viewed as you progress through the course. You are able, if you wish, to download all pdfs for an entire online Unit as soon as you have access to that Unit. Answers to tests are uploaded using standard file formats: doc, pdf, jpg, ppt or zip.

On registration for a Unit you will be assigned a tutor and given an enrolment key that will allow you to access that Unit online using our dedicated VLE (Virtual Learning Environment). Click here, or the picture above, for a full-sized a screenshot of the VLE.

Note the pdf symbols next to the Course Orientation, Unit Specification, and Lesson and Test headings, and the link to enable you to submit tests to your tutor. In the foreground is a pop-up window showing a page from the Lesson pdf, in this case Lesson C2 from the Colour Unit introducing the Munsell System of Colour Notation. (Pop-ups must be enabled in order for you to use the VLE.)


Your success in the Professional Diploma Course in Interior Design will be measured partly by continuous assessment of your work during the course and partly by the Final Test. This will evaluate your achievement over the whole course. We don't anticipate that you'll memorize all the material you read in our courses. Interior design work doesn't depend on how much information you can cram into your memory, but on whether you can apply the principles involved in any future design. Nor do we believe that interior design is a subject in which a student should be examined behind the closed doors of an examination room.

We want to simulate as far as possible the conditions under which a designer will work, so the Final Test is based on design projects which will be carried out under office conditions (in your own office or your home used as an office) and will then be submitted to Rhodec representing the client. In this way you'll be gaining practical experience of how work is carried out in a professional design studio, and any problems you encounter in running an office can be unravelled with our help.

See the educational objectives of this course.

We appreciate that you may have many questions about our course, and with this in mind we have prepared an extensive FAQ.

Beware Imitations!

Not all "professional" diploma courses are the same, despite what you might be led to believe by some other schools whose literature strongly resembles our own. Click here to find out more.


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