Online Interior Design Course Graduate Survey

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Rhodec International Online Interior Design Diploma Course Graduate Survey

The impact of Rhodec International's Online Interior Design Diploma Course on the lives and careers of its students is highlighted by a survey carried out in 2016 involving over 150 randomly selected graduates.

The vast majority of graduates who responded said that their Diploma had helped them in their careers, many people having changed jobs or been promoted. All the graduates who replied said that the course had been good value for money, and that they were pleased that they had enrolled. Most graduates reported that their Diploma Course studies had been recognized professionally, and that the attainment of the Diploma had gained them more respect with colleagues and increased their own self confidence. Nine out of ten graduates said that they had used the practical know-how they had learned during the course since graduating, and that their technical skills had improved through taking the course.

The full results of the Survey were as follows:

  • 92% said that they found the study materials easy to understand.

  • 95% said that the materials were well presented.

  • 84% said that they had found their studies "enjoyable, challenging and relevant".

  • 91% said that they were treated in a personal manner by tutors and staff while studying.

  • 93% said that the administrative side of their course was handled efficiently.

  • 96% said that they found their subject tutors helpful.

  • 91% said that they had put the skills they had learned through Rhodec to practical use since graduating.

  • 92% said that attaining the Diploma had helped them in their career.
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    • 96% said that their drawing techniques had improved through taking the course.

    • 97% said that since being awarded their Diploma they had felt more confident when dealing with clients and other Interior Design professionals.

    • 94% said that they felt the accomplishment of graduating had gained them more respect with colleagues, friends and relations.

    • 79% said that they had used their portfolio of Final Test college work to take to job interviews since finishing the course.

    • 86% said that other people they met in the profession had heard of the college.

    • 100% said that they thought the course was good value for money.

    • 88% of those who applied for membership of professional bodies after graduation were successfully admitted.

    • 90% said that they found taking the course online just as worthwhile as attending a fulltime college of similar level.

    • 100% said that they were pleased they took the course.

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