About Rhodec International's Online Distance Learning Interior Design Courses

Two accomplishments have characterized the college's growth: first, the development of an online interior design course of high quality and second, the evolution of a system suited to a non-traditional school that caters to the academic needs and career objectives of its students.

Rhodec International is a concept that depends on the many individuals who constitute its student body; one which encompasses many nations and ethnicities. It is a college in dispersion, held together by a common idea and by ties of modern communication.

Our renowned interior design study programs were carefully designed by leading professionals to offer a stimulating alternative delivery method for the training of an Interior Designer. We offer perhaps the most thorough online interior design program anywhere in the world. Although some full-time schools run interior design online courses as a side-line, we have specialized for nearly sixty years in teaching Interior Design solely by distance learning - and in more recent years entirely online - and our courses are specifically tailored to suit busy individuals who can't give up work and domestic commitments to attend full time courses and lectures.

Diploma Course Model Answers

We appreciate that it can be quite a leap to take on a major new course of study, especially 100% online if this delivery system is new to you.

With this in mind, you'll have access to at least one "model answer" for every single Diploma Course assignment.

All model answers were submitted by actual former Rhodec Diploma students who uploaded their own work to the VLE as they progressed through the Diploma Course and who have given permission for their work to be reproduced.

While not necessarily faultless, these model answers are of a very high standard and as such provide an excellent indication of the quality and volume of work that your tutor will be looking for in your own assignments.

You should not become disheartened if your own work doesn't meet these standards: few students produce work of "Model Answer" quality, so do bear in mind that these examples are given in order to encourage rather than to intimidate.

No previous training is required

All our online interior design program modules are taught from the basics and we assume that each student is a beginner.

You work in your own time As you're never required to attend classes you can study anywhere and at any time. This the great flexibility of distance-learning online education.

If you require any help in deciding which online interior design course to study, or would like any further information, please don't hesitate to contact us by phone or email. First, though, see if our FAQ helps.

As there are no term/semester times, it's possible for you to register and begin your online interior design classes at any time of year and avail yourself of the services of our administrative and tutorial staff, all of whom are available directly by email.